How to Earn $75 a Month Using Swagbucks

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One of the many reasons I started this blog was to share my success with using Swagbucks, so it is super fitting way to kick off! Any Google search for ‘websites that help you earn extra money’ will land you deep in an ocean full of ‘legit survey websites’ that promise oodles of money in little to no time.

Although I am not doubting the validity of some of those claims as some sites may offer those opportunities, today I present to you the only website I use that actually earns me a steady gift of at least $75 every month; Swagbucks!

A super quick FAQ on Swagbucks

  1. Is Swagbucks legit?

Yes. That’s as simple as that.

  1. How are you paid on Swagbucks?

You can redeem your Swagbucks for Gift Cards from major retailers (including Virtual Mastercard®), and PayPal. You can also redeem your Swagbucks for Charity Gift Cards, and Donations.

  1. Is Swagbucks safe?

Swagbucks offers and videos are through third parties, and most times are under control of those third parties. Due to this, many pages of Swagbucks do not have an SSL certificate as they cannot control the security of your information on any website other than their own.  Personally, I have never heard of any instances of anyone’s PayPal or credit cards encountering safety issues directly with Swagbucks but always do your personal research. Regarding browsing safety, I have heard (and experienced) some link redirects from offers and videos on Swagbucks, and others have dealt with some viruses; however it seems these errors occur less than 5% of the time. Reinforcing your device with a respectable Antivirus Software such as Avast will prevent any attacks and keep your computer and data safe.

  1. How long does it take for me to ACTUALLY get paid?

You can begin redeeming retailer Gift Cards at $3, or 300SBs (SBs are the denomination used on the site also known as SwagBucks!). PayPal redemptions are available beginning at $25, or 2500SBs. After that, it is up to you how much energy and free time you want to dedicate into earning! Considering that you have made it this far into this guide, it looks like you want to follow my success plan of EARNING $25 EVERY 10 DAYS.

Now that I have introduced you to my friend Swagbucks, it’s time for the fun part, question number five:


This is my sure-fire way in ensuring I earn at least $75 a month, if you follow my plan you may have the same, or even more success than me! I wish I could say that this website is 100% user-friendly and that every offer works 100% of the time, but this is not the case. With all good things come the bad, and this is a downside of Swagbucks. However, staying persistent and following my plan below will still help you land in the money zone every 10 days or so.


Swagbucks money conversion is the simplest out there: 1SB = $0.01. One Swagbuck, one penny! To stay on pace of earning $75 a month we must shoot for this formula:

250SB a day ($2.50 a day)

2500SB every ten days ($25.00 every 10 days)

7500SB every thirty days ($75.00 every 30 days)


This should be the FIRST thing you do after signing up for Swagbucks, especially because the moderators and admins approve people in waves so it may take quite a few days to get approved after requesting to join. At over 23,000 members, this is the most popular Facebook group among active Swagbucks members. If you think I’m rolling in Swagbucks, you should see how much some of the other members earn! This group is full of tips and tricks containing what works, and what quite doesn’t work out for the members with earning SBs. I check this group quite a few times a day as it is quite helpful for notifying me of working offers and bonus Swagbuck opportunities. REQUEST TO JOIN THE GROUP HERE.


On your Swagbucks homepage, there will be a simple to-do list of tasks to follow on the website. Completing these tasks will award you bonus SBs on top of the SBs you’ve already earned from completing those tasks.


Okay, this is my BIG THING in earning Swagbucks, it is the way that treats my lazy-earning bones right. NCrave, short for Entertainment Crave, is a list of videos, slideshows, websites, and articles that you watch and complete for Swagbucks. A lot of the time, this is the only way that I earn my 250SBs a day.


Remember that little thing I said earlier about the downside of Swagbucks?

“I wish I could say that this website is 100% user-friendly and that every offer works 100% of the time, but this is not the case.”

Discover offers are where that little issue comes in to play. There are Sponsored Offers provided by third party partners of Swagbucks which provide you SBs in return for completing their offers. Seriously, there are TONS of free (and paid) offers and if every one of them worked as advertised tons of members would be Swagbucks Thousand-aires. This is where persistence, patience, and the help of the Swagbucks Swaggernauts FB group come in. Some offers do in fact credit, and if you happen to have a day where these offer rewards, you will have a GREAT day. But, I’m not going to sugar-coat anything for you all, tons of them are hit-or-miss! Nevertheless, this is my second favorite way to earn SBs and is my go-to when I’m having a slow day in NCraves and need helping getting my 250SBs for the day.


Okay, surveys are where tons of members get tons of SBs. If you think I earn a nice amount, you should see some of the other members’ earning totals! These are the survey champions; ones I believe have the patience of a turtle. The very important thing you need to understand about surveys is that they are based on demographics. These demographics are sometimes determined at the beginning of a survey, and frustratingly, way further down the survey roads then most people hope for. There are tons of survey offers provided by Swagbucks (and some by the third-parties) in Discover, but you must qualify for them. If you don’t qualify, Swagbucks provides you 1SB for up to 5 surveys you don’t qualify for per day. The worst thing about this is that many people have been 35 minutes into a 45 minute survey and have gotten disqualified. With the way my patience level is set-up, surveys are my personal least favorite, and least frequent way to earn.


You have a special Inbox on Swagbucks that sends you various SB offers.  Check this every few days to catch some additional SB earning opportunities before they expire. As a warning, most of these offers are from the Discover category, which is the hit-or-miss zone I mentioned before.


You can earn 10% of all your referral’s earnings FOR LIFE, and there is no cap to how much you can earn! My husband is easily the largest contributor to my referral bonus! (Yes, there can be multiple user’s per household, my husband has his own computer to Swag on, you just CANNOT use the same computer, at the same time!) In addition, Swagbucks constantly has a promotion going in which any new member can earn a 300SB bonus for themselves (and the person who referred them) if they earn at least 300SBs by the end of the calendar month they joined!


I’m not talking about appetizers (haha), I’m talking about the Super Seven video apps you can additionally download to help you earn SBs. I actually do not utilize this as much as I should and if so, this post would be about earning at least $100 a month with Swagbucks! You can earn Swagbucks by downloading these 7 apps:

  • Swagbucks TV
  • EntertaiNow
  • Amped 360

You can earn 2SBs for every set of videos watched, up to 10SBs per app. You don’t have to watch the entire video, but you have to watch for at least 35 seconds for the video view to count. You can run these apps at the same time as your desktop videos. The number of videos in a set differ; sometimes you may only have to watch a set of 4 videos, sometimes 8, sometimes more, or less. After that you even have the opportunity to earn bonus SBs, but it takes a long while to earn those bonus SBs that sometimes it’s worth it to just take the 10SBs a run! So if you consistently hit each app in full that is a total of an additional 70SBs a day! I’ll do the math for you, that’s 2100SBs ($21) after 30 days.

*Please note you can earn 10SBs per app MINIMUM.  I am not including the bonus SBs you get, especially because it tends to change often, some days they offer a cap on how many bonus SBs you can earn, sometimes they have special unlimited bonus days. Just know that any bonus is more money for you! I also heard from a fellow Swaggernaut that there are a total of 9 apps if you have an Android device!


There are quite a few more ways to earn SBs that I haven’t mentioned here, but most of the time; the methods mentioned are the sure-fire ways that I consistently earn $75 a month! If after reading this, you want to jump right in to earning some extra cash then check out my FREE E-Book Starting out with Swagbucks! This 32-page guide is the perfect start-up for people who want to get a jump start on EARNING MONEY TODAY without dealing with the learning curve; or those who want to save time not researching the FAQ section!

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Are you earning with Swagbucks already, or are you now earning $25 EVERY 10 DAYS thanks to this post? Then let me know in the comments how Swagbucks has helped you IMPROVE YOUR FINANCES!

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