Hashtags are trendy and I’m sure the trend will stick for a very long while. No longer called a ‘Pound Sign’ as some of us remember, this symbol is now rarely used for its original purpose. Well in keeping the trendy spirit alive, I wanted to create a series titled #LIFEGOALS which will help you achieve those goals in your life that inspire heroes like yourself to get their sh💩t together.

#LIFEGOALS are going to replace New Year’s Resolutions because most people use New Year’s Resolutions only as a trendy social point of conversation as opposed to actual solidified goals to be achieved. And simpler, they wait to tackle these goals only one time a year, in January. With #LIFEGOALS, whether you are reading this in January or July, you can start to pursue those #LIFEGOALS right this second. Most importantly, #LIFEGOALS should be more sustainable because there is no deadline or burnout after a month or two. If you haven’t noticed, most New Year’s Resolutions die by mid-February never to be spoken of again until the Holidays creep around again.

This #LIFEGOALS series will be presented monthly, giving heroes like you a chance to slowly, yet effectively make habitual changes to your life while giving yourself enough time to reflect and #EVALUATE your pursuit of your #LIFEGOALS. I will be proving some free resources such as worksheets and checklists that will help you create sustainable goals to help you become a greater hero.




Failure comes from lack of preparation and the lack of ability to handle adversity when it comes to achieving your goals. That’s why New Year’s Resolutions don’t tend to work. #LIFEGOALS have no trendy expiration date, and is something that is going to be broken down into smaller, easy to tackle segments so that you can stick to them. For the month of January (or simply your “first month” of the next 30 days if you are reading this any other time of the year), you are going to reflect and #EVALUATE yourself and the pursuit of your goals. TONS of things happen within a year so taking the next 30 days to think about your triumphs and tribulations and what you want for your life is very important. If you want to take yourself and your goals serious, then you need to spend time looking deep within yourself to see what your internal desires really are. Trust me, for most people this is something that is simply not done when asked “What’s your New Year’s Resolution?” during Holiday parties.

I have this fantastic worksheet that will help you #EVALUATE how the past 365 days have been for you. Have you achieved more goals then you initially thought? Have you been taking care of yourself?  What do you love about yourself? Ask yourself questions and (truthfully) answer yourself about how your past year has been. Answering these questions may open a door or a path to where you should be walking for the next year. Perhaps it will completely change the direction of your life and give you the #LIFEGOALS you have always wanted. Take as much time as you need to #EVALUATE your year and fill out the worksheet. After completing the worksheet, you will have properly reflected on the positive aspects of your year to help reset or confirm that #LIFEGOALS path that you are on to make you a better hero. This worksheet is also a wonderful practice if you have been feeling down, or have been criticizing yourself on your lifestyle or life choices.



The next step in the #LIFEGOALS series after you #EVALUATE will be to #ELIMINATE. After feeling empowered and confident from your #EVALUATE worksheet We’re going to pull out all those negativities in your life  and spend 30 days to create habits to begin to #ELMINATE them out your life.

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