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I'm Ebony!

I help humans and aliens across the universe become their own heroes by helping them help themselves improve their finances, blogs, graphics, and productivity. I also specialize in brainstorming and designing brands with eager entrepreneurs who want to stand out from the Earth crowd, without feeling overwhelmed or discouraged.

Not all heroes wear capes!

Okay, I’m not claiming myself as a “REAL” hero, but I am a person who throughout my entire life, has helped people and has the burning desire to continue! So although I may not be a caped crusader, or a rescuer of cats trapped in burning buildings I am a hero in my own sense, and admit it, you are too!

Although we aren’t fighting real monsters as super villains, we may be fighting these common super villains in our daily lives:

The Debt Monster

This towering monster rears multiple ugly heads called School Loans, Bills, Poor Spending Habits, and Sorry Savings; the more of our money it eats, the bigger it grows.

The Brand Blogger Butcher

This “Butcher” is responsible for butchering your blog and brand. Victims of this villain usually have really choppy business plans, and blogs that in the end will lead to business or blog failure.

The Productivity Killer (usually seen with its Sidekick, The Social Media Soul Sucker)

This serial killer has murdered thousands of schedules and has stolen millions of minutes from innocent people all over the world.

The Social Media Soul Sucker (usually seen with its Sidekick, The Productivity Killer)

This villain camouflages itself as one of your friends, slowly taking away your productivity, energy, and real life social interactions trapping you in a world of superficial instant digital gratification.

The Creativity Crusher

This offender will overwhelm you with your own creativity until you have no creativity at all. It also has the power to block creativity in its entirety. (Have you ever heard of “writer’s block”?) Victims are also seen to have low-quality graphics and cloudy judgment of high-quality graphic standards.


These above suspects are not just any old villains; these are whom we call nemeses’. The Joker to our Batman, the Lex Luthor to our Superman, those nemeses’ are the thorns in the sides that heroes can keep at bay, but never truly defeat.

So, how are we heroes?

Well you can consider yourself a hero if you have the desire to do the following:

  • Save yourself from drowning in financial debt
  • Save your minutes, hours, and days that seem to slip away from you
  • Save your sanity when dealing with overwhelm creating and managing your brand
  • Save your quality of life when you live with reduced/eliminated debt, a clear head to properly maintain your empire, and more time to spend doing the things you enjoy.

I am here to help you with some Hero Training so you can start kicking the ass of these villains so much that you finally get rid of them FOR GOOD.

Journey here to find content full of various tools and guidance to add to your arsenal to help defeat The Debt Monster once, and for all.

Trek here if your blog is a victim of The Brand Blogger Butcher and you need to rescue and rehabilitate it to a brand that WOWS; helping you attract more customers and business.


Travel here if you are looking for the tools and training to find vengeance for all the minutes The Productivity Killer and The Social Media Soul Sucker has taken victim. Use these tools and training to maximize time and prevent any future lost minutes by the hand of these very powerful nemeses’.

Head here to crush The Creativity Crusher with tips and resources that will reawaken your creativity and entice you to create high-quality web and graphic designs that will have people drooling over your brand.

So hero….are you ready to do some saving? This home of mine is full of content and goodies to help you become the hero you are meant to be. I want to help you, help yourself…and if that is successful the hero chain will continue, enabling you to be the best person you can so that you can extend your help to others across the universe as well.

Of course, I want to hook you up with some freebies and free resources from myself and other heroes so don’t forget to head over to RESOURCES to start building your arsenal. You can also keep look out for a cute lil’ purple gift box icon which will always be included in anything you don’t have to pay for so that you know it’s a gift from a hero to a hero.

We are all heroes helping other heroes become better heroes. I want to empower you to believe this because YOU ARE IN CHARGE OF YOUR EARTH DESTINY… I mean we can’t really control what goes on outside of Earth….but here on Earth; we are going to take charge. Join my fast growing community of heroes at The Hero Nexus, my Facebook group quickly filling up with amazing people just like you who want to kick the butt of our life nemeses.

Sometimes you just wanna do it all yourself, but sometimes it’s better to just focus your time and energy on other priorities.

 Check out my services below if you need me to create a kick-ass brand for you:

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