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Instagram is about to get lit again! Maybe? I guess? I’m trying too hard to be hip!

Tailwind has just recently made an announcement that as an OFFICIAL partner of Instagram, you can now use Tailwind to schedule AND POST your Instagram content to your IG feed!

Wait, what IS Tailwind?

Tailwind is a marketing tool and scheduler, and an official developer partner with Pinterest and Instagram. Brimming with features, thousands of popular Pinterest gurus can thank Tailwind for boosting their Pinterest and website traffic tremendously. Some of Tailwind’s most popular features include scheduling your pins via an optimized schedule when your audience is the most active, and providing detailed analytics of your strongest performing content. Tailwind’s intuitive nature has made it one of the most popular scheduling apps for Pinterest, and many were using it to schedule their content to Instagram and now with a recent change, you can now schedule and post your content to IG.

(You thinking to yourself) *record screech* “Did you say… AND POST? Because before February 2018 literally every other app didn’t actually post for you, it sent you a notification to tell you to post what you previously scheduled.” Tailwind has hooked up their official developer social media publishing tool partners with the ability to post the content for you.

Yes hero… the Tailwind app can now POST content on your behalf (for IG Business profiles), a feature that was not previously permitted by Instagram. Up until recently, you could schedule your posts to IG, but Instagram did not permit ANY third party app to post on your behalf. What happens when it was time to post to IG is that you would opt-in to receive some form of notification telling you it’s time to post. So the steps were to click the notification, be taken to IG via the app, copy and paste over the caption and hashtags you created and click post. Imagine having to get a notification and repeating that cycle over and over again! Well Tailwind being such a babe has caught Instagram’s heart so much that IG allowed Tailwind to be one of the few official partners that can post for you directly without your micromanaging. This is an amazing update to an already great social media publishing tools as this will increase your social media management productivity! This increase in productivity can help you focus on more important priorities in your business. Tailwind has your back and will take care of Instagram (and Pinterest!) for you. 

Tailwind can Auto Post to IG now
Tailwind can Auto Post to IG now!

Tailwind is amazing right? Here is the overview of some of features that Tailwind provides you for Instagram scheduling:

  • Drag and Drop Layout – you can see exactly what your IG feed will look like ahead of time. Simply drag and drop your posts to your exact liking 

    Preview of the Drag and Drop Feature
    Tailwind Preview
    9 Grid Tailwind Preview
    9 Grid Tailwind Preview
  • Intuitive Hashtag RecommendationsTailwind will suggest and rank the most engaging hashtags for you to use for each post. You can also put relevant hashtags in a list to save for future use. 

    Tailwind Hashtag Generator

  • Ability to share media via desktop – Yes, you have the ability to upload photos already saved to your computer into the scheduler. With Tailwind’s Cloud magic, you can also sync your data across mobile as well (currently iOS only… I know I wish people would stop catering to Apple first all the time as well) 

  • Smart Scheduling – if you know and love Tailwind you know about their Smart Scheduling Feature right? Well if you’re new to the magic of Tailwind, it will suggest optimized times for you to post based on when your particular audience is the most active! 

    Tailwind Posting Schedule Preview
    Tailwind Posting Schedule Preview

The best thing about it is if you already have Tailwind because of its existing Pinterest management tools, then all you have to do is connect your IG account to have access to all the features. Don’t have Tailwind for IG yet? Tailwind has a free trial! Check it out with no pressure, if you love it you can pay monthly for $15 or annually for $120 which saves you $60!

This blog was dedicated to the Instagram side of the powerful features of Tailwind but Tailwind was birthed for Pinterest so try it out for both and be amazing at the increase of traffic and engagement! I think Tailwind is the best social media scheduling tool and this really sets it even higher in awesomeness.

Has Tailwind worked wonders for your Pinterest and Instagram? Help other users out by commenting on your experience below!

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